Making a complaint about a charity

We receive a number of different types of complaints about charities, but there are only certain kinds of complaints we can get involved with. Essentially, we want to know if there is a serious risk of significant harm to or abuse of a charity, its assets, beneficiaries or reputation and we will take action if we consider that our intervention is a necessary and proportionate response to protect them.

However, we have found that the majority of complaints we receive should be made directly to the charity itself rather than the Charity Commission. These complaints include ones about the services a charity provides, employment issues, fundraising methods and internal disputes.

Before contacting us you should check whether your issue is one we can help you with.

Our publication Complaints About Charities (CC47) explains in detail what issues we can look into and how to let us know about them. Guidance tailored specifically for trustees, employees and volunteers of a charity and for auditors and independent examiners is also available.

If you have not been able to resolve an issue with the charity and our involvement is necessary, you should use our Online complaints form which will help you provide the necessary information.


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