Preparing your Trustees' Annual Report

The Charities Act 1993 requires all registered charities to prepare a Trustees’ Annual Report. Charities with gross income over £25,000 in the accounting year must file their trustees’ report with us. We will scan that report onto our website where it will be available to everyone who wants to know more about your charity.

The length of the report and the amount of detail included in it can be in proportion to the charity’s size so for small charities it can be a very simple report. There is some information that all charities are required to include in their reports. If you want to include other information about your charity’s activities over and above the legal requirements then please do. The report may be viewed on our website by funders, donors, potential beneficiaries and other regulators so we would encourage all charities to use their report as an educational tool.

This section will help you find out:

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