Making a complaint

Complaints about a charity

We receive a number of different types of complaints about charities, but there are only certain kinds of complaints we can get involved with. The majority of complaints we receive should be made directly to the charity (eg fundraising methods).

This section explains the issues we want to know about and where we won't get involved.

Complaints about a decision we’ve made

You can appeal against a decision we have made using our formal legal powers (eg removing a trustee or refusing to register a charity). This section explains our decision review process and the independent route of appeal which is available through the Charity Tribunal (part of the Tribunals Service and independent of the Commission).

You can also appeal against the outcome of a case in which we haven't used our legal powers (eg we have decided not to intervene in a particular matter or have followed a course of action you disagree with). This section also explains our outcome review process. 

Complaints about a service we’ve provided

We try to provide the best service we possibly can but, if we make a mistake, we want to know so that we can put it right.

Comments or complaints about our service are dealt with by our Customer Service team, which is independent of other parts of the Commission. If a complaint cannot be resolved by the Commission it can be escalated to the external Independent Complaints Reviewer.

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