Decisions of the Commission

When using our legal powers as regulator, we make a wide range of decisions. These decisons can range from whether or not to register an organisation as a charity, through to decisions about making legal Schemes and exercising our remedial and protective powers when dealing with cases of suspected abuse or mismanagement in charities. Sometimes we are asked to review these decisions.

We publish decisions and reviews of decisions where they concern points of law, are novel, significant or otherwise of wider interest. Many concern issues of charitable status where the Commission has to examine what the law regards as charitable and apply it to the particular circumstances. Where appropriate we may, in the course of making a decision, accept a new novel charitable purpose as being within that legal framework.

You can view case summaries and an index of Final Decisions:

We also publish details of Key Decisions. Decisions made prior to August 2001 can be found in the Commission’s various annual reports and the Decisions of the Charity Commissioners Volumes 1-5, which are available from The Stationery Office and at some local libraries.

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