Environmental responsibility

The Charity Commission held a seminar on 18 October 2007,  following on from our chair, Dame Suzi Leather’s article in the October edition of Charity Finance magazine which examined the Commission's role in encouraging environmental best practice in the sector. This proved a great catalyst for the lively discussions held during the event.  A range of speakers from across the sector told the 30 or so attendees about innovative work they have been doing - both in terms of 'in-house' administrative measures and activities which further charitable purposes. We have also produced a set of Questions and Answers aimed at charities that are thinking of getting involved in environmental work. 

Following on from the 2007 environmental seminar, our 2008 research report Going Green: Charities and Environmental Responsibility asked a number of diverse charities about their level of involvement in environmental issues.  The report highlights the range of ways that charities are responding to environmental issues, either directly in the way they deliver their services or indirectly through their back office practices. It will hopefully inspire those who have not yet thought about this issue to follow suit.

This section is designed to signpost charities to organisations that will assist them to address environmental responsibility issues in their own organisation and practice. It is divided into six sections:

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