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Why do we produce inquiry reports?

The Charity Commission's policy is to report the outcome of formal inquiries by publishing a statement of results on this section of the website. Charity law allows us to do this. We give trustees and others affected by the publication of the inquiry report the opportunity to comment on the factual accuracy of the report before publishing it here. Others affected by the publication of an inquiry report are usually only those individuals named in the report. Where another regulator has been, or is involved, they are also given the opportunity to comment. The initial complainant, or member of the public, would not be entitled to comment on the report.

Our reports inform you about our role as regulator, about the inquiry process and about the action that we have taken in a particular inquiry. They also raise awareness about particular issues and we hope they widen the impact of our involvement in individual cases.

Where can you find them?

Inquiry reports published in the last six months can be seen below under Recently Concluded Inquiries. After six months, reports are transferred into our archive. A list of them is published at, Alphabetical lists of Archived Inquiry Reports. We can send you a copy of any archived report - please contact us.

We believe that it is proportionate not to hold reports of investigations on the website indefinitely when charities have addressed the issues raised, or where personnel concerned or other circumstances have changed. Members of the public can still access previous reports, but reports are not held on the website indefinitely where it may damage a charity's reputation for years to come.

Do we ever not report the outcome of a formal inquiry?

Our intention is to report the outcome of every formal inquiry. However, there will be a small number of exceptions where this is not appropriate. We will not publish an inquiry report where in the Commission’s judgement it would have a detrimental impact on the effective regulation of the sector and public trust and confidence in charities.

What are these exceptions?

We may not publish a report where doing so could:

  • have an acute detrimental impact on a particular individual or group of individuals, for example risk to personal safety
  • prejudice the operations/investigations of a law enforcement agency or other regulator
  • prejudice ongoing legal proceedings
  • breach the provisions of The Human Rights Act 1998, the Data Protection Act 1998, Freedom of Information 2000 or other relevant legislation
  • contravene or prejudice requirements for confidentiality or where there is commercial sensitivity or a risk to National Security
  • cause severe prejudice to the charity and/or its beneficiaries and is not in the best interests of the charity

Any decision we make based on the criteria above will be balanced against the public interest in publishing the results of an inquiry.

Do we announce the opening of inquiries?

We do not routinely announce the opening of formal inquiries. However, in any case in which there is a particularly high level of public interest, or if the Commission wishes to appeal to the general public for information, we will issue a press release.

Recently Concluded Inquiries:

Report (listed in alphabetical order by Charity name)
File Format
Publication Date
A charity which supports disabled people
Al Ikhlas Foundation
Andrew Lloyd Webber Art Foundation, The
Dedicate Ltd and Raise A Smile Ltd
Essex Islamic Trust
Mohiuddin Trust (formerly known as Al Ehya Trust)
New Mind
Viva Palestina
Waltham Forest Islamic Association, The

Alphabetical list of Archived Inquiry Reports (more than six months old)

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