Results of our legal compliance work

This is our regulatory work, which is concerned with ensuring that charities comply with their legal obligations, and with undertaking investigations into serious abuse or mismanagement in charities. This section is where we publish the results of our Inquiries and Regulatory Cases We also make clear what information we provide about live compliance cases.

Publishing the outcomes and wider lessons from our compliance work is an important way of encouraging trustees to ensure they comply with their legal obligations and helping them to protect their charities against abuse. Themes and lessons learnt from our compliance work contains our report Charities Back on Track which summarises the themes and wider issues for charities arising from our compliance work. Its case studies can help improve trustees' awareness of the common problems that can arise in charities, and provide guidance on how to avoid similar situations from happening in their charities.

Where our compliance work brings to light concerns and risks affecting the sector, we provide Alerts and warnings.

When using our legal powers as regulator, we make a wide range of decisions.  These decisions can range from whether or not to register an organisation as a charity, through to decisions about making legal Schemes and exercising our remedial and protective powers when dealing with cases of suspected abuse or mismanagement in charities. You can view details of decisions which we publish because they concern points of law, are novel, significant or otherwise of wider interest.

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