Charities Back on Track 2008-09

The Commission has published its second annual report on the themes and wider issues arising from its compliance work. This is our regulatory work which is concerned with ensuring that charities comply with their legal obligations, and with undertaking investigations into serious abuse or mismanagement in charities.

You can download a copy of the report here.

Using case studies, we aim to improve trustees' awareness of the common problems that can arise in charities, and provide guidance on how to avoid similar situations from happening in their charities.

We hope the report will help to build an understanding of the Commission’s compliance work by demonstrating the sort of regulatory action we can take and the impact it has in protecting charities from abuse and harm. It also provides basic statistical information on our casework and performance, and outlines some relevant policy and other developments and our key priorities for the future.

We intend to produce these reports on an annual basis.

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You can download a copy of last year’s report here.

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