Charity Commission publishes Single Equality Scheme

(Immediate Release - 19 February 2010)





The Charity Commission, the independent charity regulator for England and Wales, has today published its Single Equality Scheme following a consultation process.

This is the Commission's first Single Equality Scheme, which replaces the Commission’s Race, Gender and Disability Equality Schemes.

The scheme expresses the Commission’s new diversity vision which states that "We should act inclusively, upholding equality law, treating everyone fairly, and seeking to provide and promote a culture which delivers the best outcomes for the diverse society in which and for whom we work".

The Commission, like all public bodies has statutory duties to promote race, gender and disability equality, but has chosen to voluntarily extend its duties to age, religion and belief, sexual orientation and carers.

Staff will regularly report to the Commission’s Diversity Steering Group on progress against the Commission’s action plan. Chaired by Chief Executive Andrew Hind, the group will have oversight of all Commission activity in equality and diversity.

Andrew Hind, Chief Executive of the Charity Commission said;

“The Single Equality Scheme is an important part of our ongoing commitment to equality and diversity in every aspect of the Commission’s work. We have produced this because we believe it is the right thing to do, and we want to apply the same high standards to everyone.”

John Wood, the Charity Commission Board’s Diversity Champion, said;

“This is another very positive step for the Commission and shows that by going beyond what is required of us, we are putting equality and diversity at the centre of our work. “

The Commission is also anticipating new equalities legislation and wants to make sure that it is in the best position possible to respond. The Commission has consulted widely both internally and externally on the Scheme, which can be found at


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Notes to Editors

1. The Charity Commission is the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales. See for further information or call our contact centre on 0845 300 0218.

2. Our mission is: to ensure charities’ legal compliance, enhance charities’ accountability, encourage charities’ effectiveness and impact and to promote the public interest in charity.

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