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Corporate social responsibility

Make the most of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities by publicising them. Ensure that customers, suppliers and the local community know what you are doing. CSR lends itself to good news stories. For more information, see our guide on PR: the basics.

Publicity like this can be a key part of using CSR to win contracts. People want to buy from businesses they respect. CSR can be particularly effective for targeting ethical companies, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

At the same time, you should see CSR as part of a continuing process of building long-term value. Everything you do should help improve your reputation and encourage customers and other stakeholders to stay involved with you. A business that buys recycled paper - but exploits its customers and ignores the community - has missed the point.

Effective CSR like this helps you continue to differentiate yourself. Even with dozens of competitors, a real commitment to CSR lets you stand out. As an example, John Lewis department stores are well known as a business owned by its employees. Its commitment to CSR feeds through into customer service, sales and profits. As well as affecting the way you behave, CSR can lead to new products and services that reflect your values and those of your stakeholders. Over time, it can all add up to a powerful brand - and a winning business.

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