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Welcome to the Chemicals Regulation Directorate Website

CRD is also the Competent Authority in the UK for detergents: Detergents home page


Frequently Asked Questions

We answer many questions on all aspects of pesticides and registration. Answers to frequently asked questions are available on this website.  Further information is available via the link below and from the right hand column of each page under "FAQs".

Latest Regulatory and Information Updates

  • Agrotech Chlorthalonil (M13176)
    3 June 2010: Following the revocation of Agrotech Chlorthalonil 500SC (MAPP 13176) on 19 May 2010 (Regulatory Update 13/2010), CRD has been made aware that there is conflicting information circulating in the industry. This Information Update provides background to why the decision was taken to revoke Agrotech Chlorthalonil 500SC’s approval.
  • Human Health Enquiry and Incident Survey relating to pesticide use (HHEIS) 2009
    27 May 2010: Approval Holders of all products approved for sale/use in the UK during 2009 to provide the Chemicals Regulation Directorate of the Health and Safety Executive with details of all human health related reports or enquiries involving their products, which were received from users or any other source, during last year.
  • Revocation of Agrotech Chlorthalonil (M13176)
    19 May 2010: Approval for the sale, supply, use and advertisement of Agrotech Chlorthalonil 500SC (MAPP 13176) has been revoked with immediate effect. Any remaining stocks of this product should not be used. Unused containers of product should be returned to your supplier as soon as possible. Pending return product may continue to be stored until 31 July 2010.  
  • Regulatory Update - Revocation procedures and Marketing Companies
    19 May 2010: This Regulatory Update clarifies the status of Marketing Companies with regard to CRD’s phased revocation procedures.
  • CRD Statement Regarding Existing Stocks of Indian Grapes Containing Residues of Chlormequat
    30 April 2010: CRD has taken exceptional limited action to allow marketing of grapes already in the UK supply and retail chain provided the residue levels are below the acute threshold of 1.06 mg/kg calculated by EFSA6 May 2010: note added to clarify that this applies only to stocks that had cleared UK customs as at 30 April 2010.
  • Norfolk potato grower admits use of illegal pesticide
    29 April 2010: On 20 April 2010 at Ely Magistrates Court, following proceedings taken by the Health and Safety Executive, Mr Thomas John Mott was fined £2,250 and ordered to pay a further £5,000 in costs after pleading guilty to two counts of storing and using an unapproved pesticide.  
  • Clarification regarding products approved for use on conservation crops
    27 April 2010: This Information Update clarifies the definition of crops grown for conservation purposes under CRD's Crop Hierarchy
  • EFSA Guidance on the Risk Assessment for Birds and Mammals in the UK
    22 April 2010: This Regulatory Update advises which Birds and Mammals guidance documents should be used for risk assessments for each type of submission to CRD after 1 July 2010.
  • Honeybee Toxicity Studies statement
    13 April 2010: This Regulatory Update is a statement from CRD regarding the submission of toxicity data on honey bees in accordance with accepted guidance.

Other news

  • Pesticides Forum Home
    10 June 2010: The Pesticides Forum’s Annual Report for 2009 has been published, in e-book and pdf format, on the Forum’s website.
  • Potential and Agreed Changes to MRLs
    8th June 2010: Our web page concerning proposals for MRLs (under discussion or pending publication) and published regulations has been updated.
  • Open Event 2010
    4 March 2010:  The 2010 Pesticide Residues Committee open event will be in Cardiff on Wednesday 19 May 2010.
  • Minimising Impacts
    16 March 2010: This page, which explains about CRD's policy intiatives to reduce the environmental impacts of pesticides, has been updated to include a report on UK Pesticide Practices.
  • Prior Informed Consent
    3 December 2009: The HSE website pages regarding Prior Informed Consent for the export and import of dangerous chemicals have been re-designed and updated (December 2009)
  • FAQ on Regulation 396/2005
    24 November 2009: We have now updated the page giving guidance on MRLs to include a link to a  FAQ on Regulation 396/2005.


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