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Specialist guides and publications

This page lists specialist DWP guides and publications – including technical guides to benefits. Some of the guides are written for DWP staff and are published here for the use of advisers and others.

Subject areas

A-Z of medical conditions
For staff who are Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance decision makers.
Agents, Appointees, Attorneys and Deputies Guide
For staff dealing with agents, appointees, attorneys, deputies and third parties.
Appeals Procedure
For staff dealing with appeals to an Appeal Tribunal.
Decision Makers' Guide
For staff who make decisions about benefit claims.
Help with collecting benefit payments
A guide to the collection of benefit and pension payments by third parties.
Jobseeker's Allowance for 16-17 year olds – Making a Severe Hardship Decision (131KB) PDF
For staff who make Severe Hardship Decisions on Jobseeker’s Allowance for 16-17 year olds.
Social Fund Guide (1.1MB) PDF
A guide for staff who are Decision Makers or independent Social Fund Inspectors.
Suspension and Termination Guide
A guide for DWP staff involved in suspending and terminating a customer's payment of benefit and similar cases.
Technical guides
Detailed benefit-related guides aimed at advisers and other professionals.
Decisions of the Commissioners
Reported decisions of the Social Security and Child Support Commissioners and of the Courts on appeal from, and on reference by, the Commissioners.
Law Volumes
Legislation relating to social security and child support.
Neligan's Digest
A summary of important decisions made by the Social Security Commissioners.
Other specialist publications
Authorised Officers – a guide to their powers
Authorised Officers obtain information from employers, contractors, the self-employed, pension providers and licensing authorities.
Data sharing to tackle worklessness (265KB) pdf February 2010 – designed for Local Authorities and their local partners the guide aims to tackle common misperceptions about the law and data sharing and clarify what data DWP is able to share with local partners for each of the most common categories of request.
Fraud Act – Code of Practice on Obtaining Information (81KB) PDF
For staff who are authorised to obtain information under the Fraud Act.
Financial Redress for Injustice Resulting from Maladministration (223MB) PDF
For staff who consider and make special payments and for other staff dealing with customer complaints.
Journal of Occupational Psychology, Employment and Disability
JOPED contains peer-reviewed articles written by DWP psychologists as well as non-DWP professionals working in the field of employment and disability and related areas.
Representatives, Guide to working with (78KB) PDF
For staff dealing with representatives – whether they are advice organisations, friends or family members.
Third Party Payment Creditor Handbook (108KB) PDF updated September 2009
A guide for organisations that receive Third Party Payments from DWP – for example, for housing costs or fuel costs.
Third Party Payments – How to apply – A guide for new creditors (64KB) PDF
A guide for creditors – for example, utility suppliers and landlords.