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Guidance on the UK Regulations

Guidance on the 2009 Regulations

Implementation of the Remedies Directive: OGC Guidance on the 2009 amending regulations:

Part 1: About the rule change, including transitional provisions (PDF, 62KB)

Part 2: The new rules on the Standstill Period (PDF, 189KB)

Part 3: The new remedies rules  (PDF, 208KB)


Guidance on the 2006 Regulations

Introduction to the EU Procurement Rules (PDF) updated - March 2008

Guidance on Framework Agreements (PDF) updated - September 2008

Guidance on reserved contracts for supported factories and business (PDF) updated - January 2009

Guidance on dynamic purchasing systems (PDF) updated - March 2008

Guidance on the mandatory exclusion of economic operators (PDF) updated - March 2010

Guidance on central purchasing bodies (PDF) updated - March 2008

Guidance on electronic auctions  (PDF) updated - March 2008

OGC/HMT 2008 guidance on competitive dialogue (PDF) - June 2008

Guidance on the competitive dialogue procedure (PDF) January 2006

Guidance on the exemption of utilities mechanism (PDF) updated - March 2008

Guidance on the 10-day mandatory standstill period - for procurements started before 20/12/09 (for procurements started on or after 20/12/09 refer to the guidance on the 2009 regulations, above) (PDF) revised - January 2008

Non-discrimination in technical specifications (PDF, 128KB)


Overview presentation on the 2009 regulations: changes to the remedies and standstill rules (PDF, 496KB)- January 2010

Overview presentation on the Public Procurement Regulations 2006 - new - revised February 2007