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Stakeholder issues (stakeholder map)


  • Identifies all interested parties both inside and outside the programme; may also include individuals or groups outside the business.
  • Used to ensure that all stakeholder interests are catered for by the programme, including keeping them informed and receiving feedback. 

Fitness for purpose checklist:

  • Have all the stakeholders and their interests been identified?
  • Is there agreement from all interested parties about the content, frequency and method?
  • Has a common standard been considered?
  • Has time to carry out the identified communications been allowed for in the stage plans? 


  • It is important to determine the interests of all stakeholders, who may represent different customer groups, and to resolve conflicting requirements. The Cabinet Office is developing guidance on customer focus, one of the Prime Minister's four principles of reform.

Suggested content:

  • Matrix showing individual stakeholders or groups of stakeholders and their particular interests in the programme
  • Communication route and frequency for each stakeholder or groups of stakeholders 

Source information:

  • Blueprint
  • Programme Plan
  • Organisational structures of organisations involved in the programme 

Further information:

See the briefing Programme management

See also the document outlines for Communication strategy

Managing Successful Programmes