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What is RSS?

An RSS news feed lets you know when a website has added something new as soon as it is published – without you having to vist the website.

How do I get an RSS feed?

You need an RSS reader or news feed reader. This is software that checks the websites you are interested in and lets you know about any new articles that have been added. A reader normally provides a headline and a summary and a link to the article itself.

There are many different readers and some of them are free. Some you can access using your web browser and some you need to download.

A browser-based reader lets you access your RSS feeds from any computer and downloadable applications store the information on your main computer.

When you have chosen an RSS reader, you can decide what feeds to receive. Most websites identify RSS feeds with this symbol – RSS news feed

You can add a feed to your reader in various ways – usually by copying and pasting the RSS feed link into your reader. You will find the link on the page you are interested in and in the list of all our feeds below.

To find a reader or find out more, try searching on the internet for RSS.

RSS news feeds from DWP

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