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Sustainable Procurement and Operations Case Studies

These case studies have been produced to support the sharing of good practice and provide departments with information on actions being taken elsewhere in government to deliver sustainable procurement and operations. This is as part of OGC's role to help develop departments' capability and capacity to deliver sustainability.

The case studies have been collected from a range of departments and agencies to highlight some of the many positive actions that can contribute towards delivering sustainable procurement and operations. They have been selected on the basis of whether they are innovative and making a difference and whether they could be easily replicated more widely in central government.

Energy Efficiency Assessment for Electrical Medical Devices Case Study - NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (PDF, 1.69MB)

Environmental Champions Case Study - Department for Culture, Media & Sport (PDF, 1.66MB)

Food Waste Recycling Case Study - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (PDF, 2.13MB)

Grey Fleet Management Case Study - Department for Work and Pensions (PDF, 1.36MB)

ICT Power Management Project Case Study - Department for Culture, Media and Sport (PDF, 2.24MB)

Improving Voltage Supply Case Study - Department for International Development (PDF, 1.6MB)

Lion House, Alnwick Case Study - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (PDF, 2.62MB)

St Athan"s Waste Management & Recycling Programme Case Study - Ministry of Defence (PDF, 809KB)

Vulcan House Steel Case Study - United Kingdom Border Agency (PDF, 2.37MB)

Waste Recycling Programme Case Study - Department for Culture, Media and Sport (PDF, 2.30MB)

MOD Sustainability Case Studies: