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Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

OGC Gateway Review for Programmes & Projects

The OGC Gateway™ Process

The OGC Gateway Process examines programmes and projects at key decision points in their lifecycle. It looks ahead to provide assurance that they can progress successfully to the next stage; the process is best practice in central civil government, the health sector, local government and Defence.
OGC Gateway Reviews are applicable to a wide range of programmes and projects including:

  • policy development and implementation
  • organisational change and other change initiatives
  • acquisition programmes and projects
  • property/construction developments
  • IT enabled business change
  • procurements using or establishing framework arrangements

The process is mandatory in central civil government.

Underlying the OGC Gateway process is a set of guiding Brand principles which define what Gateway is. These are applied by all Gateway users to maintain brand standards.

What is an OGC Gateway Review?

OGC Gateway Reviews deliver a "peer review" in which independent practitioners from outside the programme/project use their experience and expertise to examine the progress and likelihood of successful delivery of the programme or project.  The review uses a series of interviews, documentation reviews and the teams experience to provide valuable additional perspective on the issues facing the project team, and an external challenge to the robustness of plans and processes.

They are used to provide a valuable additional perspective on the issues facing the internal team, and an external challenge to the robustness of plans and processes.

What are the benefits?

Why getting programmes right matters
Programmes and projects provide an important vehicle for the efficient and timely delivery of government aims.  Procurement expenditure through programmes and projects is therefore a significant, and increasing, proportion of total government expenditure.  Good and effective management and control of programmes and projects is, therefore, essential to the successful delivery of government objectives.  The OGC Gateway Process is designed to provide independent guidance to SROs, programme and project teams and to the departments who commission their work, on how best to ensure that their programmes and projects are successful.

Local government sector:

Local Partnerships - Local government's project delivery specialist, works in partnership with all local authorities to secure funding and accelerate the development, procurement and implementation of private finance initiative (PFI) schemes, public private partnerships, complex projects and programmes. Local Partnerships multi-disciplinary team provides hands-on project support, OGC Gateway Reviews, skills development and best practice know-how.

Health Sector

The Health Gateway Team based in the Department of Health(DH)organise OGC Gateway Reviews for the NHS, DH and its arms length bodies (ALBs). For further information:

OGC Gateway Hubs

What are they?
A body , authorised by OGC, with the capability to deliver OGC Gateway Reviews by applying Gateway principles to agreed standards. Hubs can be defined the sector they cover:
  • Functional; e.g. Central Civil Gov't, Local Government, Health, Defence
  • A geographic region e.g. Scotland, Wales, State of Victoria

What do they do?

  • Arrange & manage OGC Gateway Reviews at all levels
  • Accredit reviewers
  • Collect & share lessons learned
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the OGC Gateway product
  • Adapt Gateway process to fit their "local" needs - within borders of the Gateway Principles

Direct Links to their Websites:
Local Government Local Partnerships

Gateway is also used in devolved administration for Scotland, Northern Ireland Civil Service, and Welsh Assembly.