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Excellence and Enjoyment: Learning and teaching for bilingual children in the primary years – Teaching units to support guided sessions for writing in English as an additional language

Publication date:
Mar 2007
DCSF ref:
Deputy headteacher, Headteacher, Inclusion staff, Lead intervention teacher, Teacher
Guidance, Lesson plans, Lesson resources, Progression, Units
CD/DVD, Pack, Teaching notes


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These pilot materials provide guided teaching sessions that aim to address the specific needs of advanced bilingual learners in developing writing. They are designed to be used by trained adults working with small groups of children in Years 2–6 as part of day-to-day ‘Quality First teaching’.

The materials are a useful resource to enable children to choose words adventurously and for effect, to develop accuracy in the use of grammatical features such as determiners, verb forms and subject–verb agreement, and to begin to extend meaning in complex, grammatically accurate sentences. Each unit includes explicit teaching of the sentencelevel feature and its application in writing.

The materials supplement the guidance provided in the 2006 Primary Framework, continuing professional development (CPD) materials Excellence and Enjoyment: Learning and teaching for bilingual children in the primary years, and in teaching resources such as Developing Early Writing and Grammar for Writing.

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