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Welcome to the Chemicals Regulation Directorate Website

CRD is also the Competent Authority in the UK for detergents: Detergents home page


Frequently Asked Questions

We answer many questions on all aspects of pesticides and registration. Answers to frequently asked questions are available on this website.  Further information is available via the link below and from the right hand column of each page under "FAQs".

Latest Regulatory and Information Updates

Other news

  • Potential and Agreed Changes to MRLs
    22nd April 2010: Our page regarding proposals for MRLs (under discussion or pending publication) and published regulations has been updated.
  • Open Event 2010
    4 March 2010:  The 2010 Pesticide Residues Committee open event will be in Cardiff on Wednesday 19 May 2010.
  • Minimising Impacts
    16 March 2010: This page, which explains about CRD's policy intiatives to reduce the environmental impacts of pesticides, has been updated to include a report on UK Pesticide Practices.
  • Prior Informed Consent
    3 December 2009: The HSE website pages regarding Prior Informed Consent for the export and import of dangerous chemicals have been re-designed and updated (December 2009)
  • FAQ on Regulation 396/2005
    24 November 2009: We have now updated the page giving guidance on MRLs to include a link to a  FAQ on Regulation 396/2005.
  • Efficacy Guidelines
    27 October 2009: Draft Efficacy guideline - Further to SANCO/221/2000-rev.10, issued 25 February 2003, CRD propose further advice on the efficacy aspects of determining relevant groundwater metabolites in the draft document Groundwater metabolites - guidance on efficacy aspects. Draft issued 1 October 2009. Comments from interested parties are invited on this draft proposal. Comments are also invited on Draft Efficacy guideline 617 - Re-registration of  triazole uses in cereals: fungicide resistance issues, issued 9 July 2009.


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