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Consultation on safeguarding revision of the Chelsea Hackney Line - outcome report

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The Refreshed Safeguarding Route

The new safeguarding direction came into force on 30 th June 2008, and the following documents can be viewed at

  • Safeguarding Direction
  • Guidance and explanatory notes
  • Schedule of major changes
  • Infrastructure schedule

The Key Changes

The major changes from the 1991 Safeguarding Direction are:

The route: South

South of Parsons Green there are few changes. The main change here is the safeguarding of the whole of the existing South West Trains Wimbledon Depot as a proposed depot for the Chelsea - Hackney line.

The route: Central west

The route between the portal at Parsons Green and Victoria has the most significant route changes.

The Department's consultation proposed that the alignment via Sloane Square would be dropped and that the line would be moved further south. However after representations from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea the alignment via Sloane Square has been retained, along with the more southerly route. A decision on the final alignment will be made within the strategic review of the scheme which is currently expected to begin in Autumn 2008.

In the 1991 safeguarding there was a branch south of Victoria to allow the reversing and stabling of trains, and access to a riverside construction site. This has now been taken by the Grosvenor Waterside Development, through mutual agreement between London Underground and the developer. The new safeguarding replaces this branch with a new one under the Chelsea Barracks site and the Thames, with a tunnelling work site in Battersea Park.

The route: Central

Through the central area, between Victoria and Hackney, there are no changes to the basic route.

The Route: North

The major change to the route in the north is the replacement of the depot at Thornton Fields with the facilities at Wimbledon.

The next steps

Construction of the scheme

There currently no plans for the commencement of construction of the Chelsea-Hackney line in the medium-term future. Transport for London's publication Transport 2025 - Transport vision for a growing world city stated the following on the scheme:

T2025 has therefore identified two further long-term rail options, namely Crossrail 2 [the Chelsea- Hackney line] and segregation of Northern line services. These were included in the modelling of the T2025 programme scenario .... It would be logical to progress major tunnelling work on Crossrail 2 after Crossrail.

The indicative programme included in Transport 2025 provides the Chelsea-Hackney line with a construction period between 2019 and 2025.

Strategic review of the scheme and further amendment of the safeguarding

In mind of the long time scale between the original safeguarding in 1991, this current revision and the likely construction date Transport for London are currently proposing to carry out a strategic review of the scheme which is expected to commence in Autumn 2008. This will assess, among other issues:

  • options for varying the route to the south of central London;
  • take into further consideration the changes in London's transport infrastructure since the scheme was developed in 1989-91, and the recent Transport 2025 studies;
  • address those issues raised in the responses to this consultation that need further detailed and lengthy consideration, including alternative alignments and station locations.

This strategic review is expected to take around 5 years to complete, and is likely to require a further update of the safeguarding direction.

Further information

Any general inquiries regarding the safeguarding of the Chelsea - Hackney line should be directed to Cross London Rail Link's helpline at 0845 6023813.

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