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The Eddington Transport Study

Sir Rod Eddington was jointly commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretary of State for Transport to examine the long-term links between transport and the UK's economic productivity, growth and stability, within the context of the Government's broader commitment to sustainable development. The Study was announced in Budget 2005 and reported on 1 December 2006 to accompany the 2006 Pre-Budget Report.

The findings are presented in a summary report setting out key conclusions and recommendations, a main report comprising four volumes, and supporting research annexes. On this site you can also find a record of written submissions to the Eddington transport study; and DfT data on investment returns from transport schemes that supported the study's analysis. The main report can be downloaded below either by volume or by individual chapters.

Summary report

Main report

Government's response to the Eddington Study

The Eddington study highlighted transport's pivotal role in supporting the UK's future economic success. It recommended a number of reforms to the planning, funding and delivery of transport interventions to maximise sustainable returns from investment, as well as recognising the need to improve the environmental performance of transport.

The Government agrees with this analysis and will review its strategy, processes and delivery for transport in the light of the Eddington study and Sir Nicholas Stern's Review on the Economics of Climate Change. It will report on progress alongside the Comprehensive Spending Review later in 2007.

One of Rod Eddington's recommendations was reform of the planning process for major transport infrastructure. Kate Barker's Review of Land Use Planning has considered these proposals in a wider context and recommends comprehensive reform of the planning of major infrastructure projects in relation to transport, energy, water supply and waste, based on the same principles.

The Chancellor welcomed the Eddington and Barker reviews in 2006 Pre-Budget Report. In Spring 2007 the Government plans to publish a White Paper setting out its proposals in response to Kate Barker's recommendations for land use planning, and for taking forward Kate Barker's and Rod Eddington's proposals for reform of major infrastructure planning.

The Eddington Transport Study: main report by chapters

01 December 2006

The Eddington Transport Study: Research annexes

Key analytical evidence papers drawn on by the Eddington Study

Submissions to the Eddington Transport Study

Submissions and responses to the Eddington Transport Study

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