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Roads and vehicles

An overview of what we do in relation to roads is available by reading 'An introduction to roads'.

An introduction to roads

An introduction to the DfT's work on roads and vehicles.

Road network

Information on the maintenance and operation of the local and national road network in England.

Traffic and parking management

Information and advice related to the management of traffic in both rural and urban areas.

Traffic Signs and Signals

Guidance, information and working drawings for traffic signs and signals. Includes the new fully updated guide to traffic signs document 'Know your traffic signs'.

Motor insurance and uninsured driving

Guidance and information on insurance for drivers, including research into the level of uninsured driving in the UK.

Penalties / Infringements

Studies looking at road traffic infringements and penalities.


Guidance and research into the required standards for vehicle registration, safety and efficiency.

Environmental issues

Guidance and research into encouraging cleaner vehicle technologies and fuels, including information on Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) and Biofuels.

Statutory Tolled Undertakings

A guidance note on Statutory Tolled Undertakings in the United Kingdom including general information about each undertaking (e.g. toll levels, location, concessions/exemptions).

Review of Highways Agency's Major Roads Programme

A report by Mike Nichols, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Nichols Group, on cost estimating and the management of the Highways Agency's major roads programme.

Govt Response to the TSC Report of 27 July 2006 on DVO Group and HA

This paper sets out the Government's response to the Transport Committee's report of 27 July 2006 on the Department for Transport Agencies - The Driver, Vehicle and Operator Group and the Highways Agency.

06 November 2006

Design of Human-Machine Interaction and routing for In-Vehicle Information Systems

Links to guidance and design checklists, commissioned by DfT, on the safety of Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and the appropriateness of navigation routing strategies for In-Vehicle Information Systems (IVIS).

06 September 2006

Unit-level Evidence and Research Strategy: RVSS and RPS Directorates (2006/2007)

This strategy provides an overview of current evidence and research activities that are planned or already underway in the Road and Vehicle Safety and Standards and Roads: Performance and Strategy Directorates of the Department.

23 May 2006

How roads are managed in the UK: frequently asked questions

This document explains how roads are managed in the UK.

02 February 2006

Managing speed on our roads

Why the Department for Transport is committed to reducing the number of injuries and fatalities caused by excessive or inappropriate speed on our roads.

05 May 2005

Targeting congestion on motorways and A-roads

740-word report on the Department for Transport's and Highway Agency's roads improvement programme.

02 February 2006

Email contacts

Email contacts for the roads and vehicles teams in the Department for Transport.

13 January 2006
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