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APCI Third Meeting 7 September 2004


PDF Resource APCI..A: Agenda
PDF Resource APCI.3.1: Comparative study of systems for producing country information in other countries
  APCI evaluation of April 2004 Country Reports
PDF Resource APCI.3.2a: Sri Lanka - Update
PDF Resource APCI.3.2b: Sri Lanka - Home Office response
PDF Resource APCI.3.3a: Afghanistan
PDF Resource APCI.3.3b: Afghanistan - Home Office response
PDF Resource APCI.3.4a: Albania
PDF Resource APCI.3.4b: Albania - HO response
PDF Resource APCI.3.5a: Kosovo
PDF Resource APCI.3.5.b: Kosovo - Home Office response
PDF Resource UNHCR comments
UNHCR comments - Home Office response
PDF Resource Extracts from UNHCR comments for use by Home Office as source material
PDF Resource APCI.3.6: Consultation with APCI on country information for any countries proposed for Non Suspensive Appeals (NSA) list
PDF Resource APCI.3.M Minutes

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