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Economics and appraisal

Our aims are to ensure that decisions on transport policy are made in the light of the best possible advice on their impacts, and to ensure that investment in all modes of transport and their management meets the Department's policy objective to seek good value for money.

To find out more about what we do, read our 'Introduction to economics and appraisal'.

The National Transport Model

The Department has developed a National Transport Model (NTM) as an analytical and policy-testing tool, providing a systematic means of comparing the national consequences of alternative national, or widely-applied local, transport policies.


We produce and support software for assessing whether road schemes provide value for money, publications providing guidance on how to predict the traffic impacts of road schemes, and traffic growth forecasts.

Research and development of guidance

The Department has a programme of research work on modelling, appraisal and evaluation. The aim of this work is to support the continuing development of the New Approach To Appraisal by improving our advice on transport modelling and economic appraisal.

Standing Advisory Committee for Trunk Road Assessment (SACTRA)

The Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Assessment (SACTRA) is an independent committee appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport to advise on issues related to the appraisal of trunk roads.

Integrated Transport Economics and Appraisal

Information on the Department for Transport's Integrated Transport Economics and Appraisal.

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An introduction to our economics and appraisal work

Find out more about our economics and appraisal work.

01 October 2007

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