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Nuclear white paper 2008: 'meeting the energy challenge'

Nuclear white paper 2008: 'meeting the energy challenge'

Nuclear white paper 2008:
This white paper set out that: 
  • nuclear should be part of the UK’s low-carbon energy mix
  • companies should have the option of building new nuclear power stations
  • steps should be taken towards this

In terms of the challenges of climate change and security of energy supply, nuclear is an important part of our energy policy, alongside reducing our energy use, increasing renewables and investing in new energy technologies.

The white paper followed the Future of nuclear power; the role of nuclear power in a low-carbon UK economy, a public consultation on the future of nuclear power in the UK.

You can read the responses to the consultation on the Future of nuclear power consultation website.

Full version


Welsh language version of the forewords and executive summary

Consultation responses

Full document

Other information

The Stone Report

Following the publication of the ‘Nuclear white paper 2008’, Dr Tim Stone was commissioned by the Office for Nuclear Development (OND) to carry out a review of nuclear regulation, to make it more transparent and efficient in meeting the challenges posed by new nuclear power stations.

Dr Stone agrees with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s conclusion that the UK’s nuclear regulatory arrangements are mature and transparent, with highly trained and experienced inspectors. However, he recommends that, in the short-term, the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate should have access to more resources so it can recruit effectively to meet the short-term challenges of building new power stations. You can read his recommendations here:

You can read Dr Stone’s detailed advice to Ministers below:

And you can read the response to the report here:

A status report on progress in implementing Dr Stone’s recommendations can be read below:

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