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How we're working to solve the problem.

We're working hard to deal with the serious problems caused by illegal drug use.

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The affect of illegal drugs use

Use of illegal drugs causes serious problems in our communities.

Drug addiction causes young people to drop out of school, and it makes parents lose interest in their children. It pushes people into lives of crime and poverty, destroys ambition and ruins lives.

Drug dealing brings crime and violence to otherwise peaceful communities, and makes people feel helpless and afraid in their own home towns.

We're working hard to limit the damage drugs do. 

Find out more:

  • Drugs and the law

    Find out what the different drug categories are, and read about cannabis reclassification.

  • Drugs licensing

    Companies and individuals in England, Wales or Scotland need to apply for Home Office licences if they wish to produce, supply, posses, import or export controlled drugs.

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