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PE at key stages 1 and 2    (Year 1)

Unit 1: Dance activities  (1)

About this unit

In this unit children explore basic body actions, eg jumping and turning, and use different parts of their body to make movements. They create and repeat short dances inspired by themes such as clowns, penguins and folk dance.

In dance as a whole, children think about how to use movement to explore and communicate ideas and issues, and their own feelings and thoughts. As they work, they develop an awareness of the historical and cultural origins of different dances.

Sections in this unit

This unit is divided into sections. Each section contains a sequence of activities with related objectives and outcomes. You can view this unit by moving through the sections or print/download the whole unit.
1. Acquiring and developing skills
2. Selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas
3. Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health
4. Evaluating and improving performance