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News feeds (RSS feeds) are an easy way for you to keep up to date with the latest news and information.  Rather than having to visit the DCMS site every day you can subscribe to our feeds and have the information summaries delivered to you.  DCMS news feeds are compliant to RSS version 2.0.

Using our News Feeds

In order to view a feed you will require a feed reader.  There are many readers available. Many are free of charge and more are appearing all the time. Here are some of the popular ones

Newz Crawler

MacOs X

You can also view our feeds if you have an RSS enabled browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, or, by signing up to an online service like  

My Yahoo!

Once you have chosen a feed reader, you can begin to subscribe to the RSS feeds.  Copy the news feed (or drag and drop the RSS button) into the newsreader.  For example, the news feed for DCMS latest news is

The feed reader you choose will have full details on how to do this.

Terms and Conditions

The use of DCMS RSS feeds is covered by our

Further reading

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