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Schemes of Work

Schemes of Work

This site is home to the QCA/DCSF schemes of work.

To find a scheme, go to the drop-down menu or use the subject list in the left-hand menu. There are also links to the literacy and mathematics frameworks.

Customise your curriculum

QCA has been working with schools to explore ways of adapting and developing the schemes. Materials have been produced that explain why and how schemes could be customised to better meet childrens' needs and the context of the school. Examples of how teachers have tailored individual units are also provided. They give support and guidance for primary teachers in developing the curriculum by:

  • embedding English and mathematics across the curriculum
  • adapting schemes of work
  • combining units from different subject schemes  

These materials support the DfES publication, Excellence and Enjoyment: A strategy for primary schools.

This information, including the examples can be found on 'Customise your curriculum' on the QCA website in the Ages 3-14 area.