Friday 27 March 2009

UK backs Brazil as permanent Security Council member

Gordon Brown speaking in Sao Paulo; Crown copyrightThe UK Government has given public support to Brazil’s bid for a permanent place on the UN Security Council.

Speaking in Sao Paulo on Thursday, Gordon Brown said the case for the country’s permanent membership had grown steadily stronger and he was proud to support them.

He added that Brazil and the whole of South America should be heavily involved in the current discussions on the future of the global economy, which will come to a climax at next week’s G20.

The PM said:

“Back in 1946 when the United Nations first met, Brazil made the case for permanent membership of the Security Council of the United Nations. In the past 60 years, this case for permanent membership has grown steadily stronger. So I am proud to come here today to give the British Government’s full support for Brazil’s permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council.”

Mr Brown visited Brazil with Trade Minister Peter Mandelson as part of a tour of countries taking part in the G20, in a bid to build consensus on major issues ahead of the summit.

He met with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the capital Brasilia, before travelling to Sao Paulo to visit a football museum.

Following the tour, the Prime Minister announced that the English Football Association and the Brazilian Football Confederation will team up to share expertise.

He said:

“Following my meeting with President Lula, we have announced that the United Kingdom and Brazil will share expertise and experience of hosting sporting events in the world. We have the Olympics in London in 2012, you have the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, and we want to work together to make these two great events the most successful events in history.”

Speeches and transcripts: PM’s speech in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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