The Sustainability Model is a diagnostic tool that is used to predict the likelihood of sustainability for your improvement project.

The new tool is a continuation of an old paper based system.  If you have ordered a hard copy of the sustainability tool in the past, it may be an earlier version to this one.  Please feel free to order an updated guide from this website.

The Sustainability Guide provides practical advice on how you might increase the likelihood of sustainability for your improvement initiative.

One of the primary reasons why quality improvement is difficult to integrate into an organisation is that many of the changes that are put into place fail to survive. Within the literature there is evidence of a high failure rate, up to 70%, of organisational change (Daft and Noe, 2000. Beer and Nohria, 2001). 

The NHS Sustainability Model is an easy-to-use tool which aims to help NHS improvement teams:

  • Self-assess against a number of key criterion for sustaining change
  • Recognise and understand key barriers for sustainability, relating to their specific local context
  • Identify strengths in sustaining improvement
  • Plan for sustainability of improvement efforts
  • Monitor progress over time.
Sustainability guide
Interactive sustainability model

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