Wednesday 3 March 2010

Afternoon press briefing from 3 March 2010

Briefing by the Prime Minister’s spokesman on: Michael Foot, President Zuma visit and Chilcot inquiry

Michael Foot

Asked how the Prime Minister heard about Michael Foot’s death, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) said the Prime Minister was aware of the sad news this morning.

President Zuma Visit

Asked what the Prime Minister was doing between 12 and 12:30, the PMS said he was part of the ceremonial arrival of President Zuma. 

Asked whether the Prime Minister actually met President Zuma this morning, the PMS said that he had and the Prime Minister was looking forward to meeting the President at the State Banquet.

Put that some might suggest that the Prime Minister takes any excuse to miss Prime Minister’s Questions, the PMS said they should look at the record which shows that the Prime Minister had been available as any other Prime Minister in the recent past.

Put that President Zuma interviews before he came were a bit of a kick in the teeth, the PMS said it was a very important visit, the President was very welcome to the UK, the President brings with him a very important group of business people, the South African business community was both important to the UK and in South Africa.

Chilcot Inquiry

Asked if before 12 o’clock today the Prime Minister had any time to prepare for the Chilcot enquiry, the PMS said the Prime Minister was preparing for Chilcot, he had plenty of other meetings, he had his Parliamentary Committee meeting as well.  He had been busy obviously, he had spoken to President Karzai.  It had been a full day as always in Downing Street.

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