Monday 5 April 2010

Government focused on securing the recovery – PM

Gordon Brown; Crown copyrightThe Government is focused on securing the economic recovery, the Prime Minister has said in his latest podcast.

Gordon Brown said initiatives such as the Time to Pay scheme to help small businesses pay their taxes and the Future Jobs Fund to help young people find employment were part of a plan to secure recovery and raise living standards.

He emphasised the need to maintain support for the economy and not take money out this year.

The PM said:

“If you withdraw support too early, we’ll risk doing more damage. And that’s why so many people – the CBI, IMF, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, economists and other thinkers, and the vast majority of business people I’ve spoken to say it’s wrong to take money out of the economy this year. And that’s why I think it’s wrong to say that we should take six or seven billion pounds out of the economy this year.

“Now of course we need to make sure that money goes to skills, to jobs, to small businesses and to job creation and we need to be ruthless on cutting down on waste – and we’re doing that – but if we try and jump off the treatment table as if nothing had happened we’ll do more damage to the economy – and frankly that means we risk a double-dip recession. I think that’s a risk we can’t afford to take. So going for growth and jobs to achieve prosperity for all is the overriding duty and responsibility of this Government.”

Speeches and transcripts: Prime Minister’s podcast

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