Tuesday 4 May 2010

Website traffic for April 2010

Ballot box; PA copyrightNumber 10 has released its monthly update on website traffic.

The information gives a fuller picture of the number of users the site generates and the pages viewed.

Traffic for April 2010

The date of the General Election was announced on 6 April, meaning that content on the Number 10 website and others across government, including channels such as Twitter, YouTube and flickr, was restricted during the rest of the month in line with the Civil Service Code and the principles set out in the General Election guidance. The date set for the State Opening of Parliament following the election was also announced.

April traffic

1,142,168 page views, with 425,387 visits from 349,576 unique users

March traffic (for comparison)

2,971,703 page views, with 1,120,498 visits from 879,726 unique users

Total for 2010

10,546,486 page views, with 3,875,767 visits from 2,825,093 unique users

Monthly average for 2010

2,636,622 page views, with 968,942 visits from 706,273 unique users

Other statistics of note

Downing Street had more than 1.73 million followers on Twitter at the end of April. Individual photos on Flickr were viewed more than 100,000 times during the month, and had been viewed a total of 1,216,833 times by 4 May.

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