Leader of the Lords

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The Leader of the House of Lords is a Cabinet Minister, with primary responsibility for the Government in the House of Lords.

Within the self-regulating House of Lords, the Leader has responsibilities for the management of the House and its business, and for the Government's legislative programme in the Lords.

The Leader also has responsibilities, beyond government and party, to the whole House of Lords.

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

Baroness Royall of BlaisdonOn 3 October 2008, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced the appointment of Baroness Royall as the new Leader of the House of Lords.

"I believe that the House of Lords has an essential role in the democracy and politics of the United Kingdom. The House is one of the vital checks and balances of the British constitution. Members of the House bring to its role as the revising second chamber of Parliament a unique combination of knowledge, experience and wisdom. I am both privileged and proud - and humbled as well - to be the Leader of the whole House, and its servant too."

Rt Hon Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

Leader of the House

Government in the Lords

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Government business in the House of Lords is carried out by the Leader of the House and the Ministerial team, in concert with the Government's Chief Whip in the Lords and the team of Government Whips. Because the nature, composition, powers and political balance of the House of Lords are significantly different to that of the House of Commons, the management of Government business in the Lords is also significantly different to that in the Commons.

Finding out more

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To find out more about the Leader of the Lords, or the Government in the Lords, you can either contact the Leader's office directly or choose a related link:

Contacting the office of the Leader of the House

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