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What types of childcare are there?

How do I find childcare for my child(ren)?

Do you have any easy read publications about childcare?

Can anyone provide childcare? What is registration of childcare?

How do I become a childminder or childcare provider?

What forms do I need to complete to become a childminder/childcare provider?

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What do I do if I have a complaint or concern about my childcare?

How do I make a complaint about a school?

How do I make a complaint about a college?

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How do I find school reports?

My school’s (or college’s) details are incorrect on the Ofsted website – how do I get them changed?

When will a school's report be available from the school?

When will a school's report be on the website?

The report should be on the site now – why isn't it?

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Is Ofsted asking for more than the legal requirements?

Are Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks required for all visitors or volunteers to schools and colleges?

When the guidance refers to Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks for under 18s, does this refer to all staff or just teaching staff?

Are 16–18 children and young people resident in land-based colleges covered in the boarding inspection arrangements?

When will the safeguarding arrangements in my Cafcass service area be inspected?

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Ofsted's newsletters and email alerts

What has happened to the email alert service?

How can I subscribe for newsletter updates?

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Outstanding providers

We have been judged Outstanding; when can we use the outstanding logo on our stationery and signage?

Who may use the Outstanding provider logo?

How long can the logo be used for?

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What is RAISEonline?

Who can access RAISEonline?

How do I access RAISEonline?

Does our school have to use RAISEonline?

How does RAISEonline fit with Ofsted's inspection arrangements?

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Website help

Why have links from my website or PC to Ofsted inspection reports, web pages or publications stopped working?

How do I get the best out of the search tool on this website?

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