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Statement from Christine Gilbert, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector on the outcome of the judicial review

'You will appreciate that we have only just received the judgement and we need to study it in detail but I am pleased that the Judge’s conclusion is clear: Ofsted’s inspection process has been vindicated.

Ofsted takes its role in inspecting the protection arrangements for vulnerable children very seriously. I am pleased, therefore, that the Judge has found in our favour in this judicial review. We carried out a robust inspection, came to a sound conclusion based on the evidence and acted fairly.'

  • 23 Apr 2010

The best schools use professional development to help drive improvement

The best schools are excellent at developing their staff and are highly effective in using continuing professional development as a way to help bring about improved standards at their school, according to a report published today by Ofsted.

  • 26 Mar 2010

Ofsted finds careers advice is still hit and miss

Not all young people are getting good careers advice and this is leaving them at risk of making poorly informed choices about their future, according to a report published today by Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

  • 23 Mar 2010

Tackling the NEET problem – how local authorities are getting young people back into education, employment and training

While the proportion of young people not in education, employment or training continues to rise, a report published today by Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, shows that local authorities can make a big impact on reducing the number of young people in this category.

  • 17 Mar 2010

Independent reports will help CAA improvement

The two independent reports evaluating the impact and cost of the first year of Comprehensive Area Assessment will help the inspectorates improve the assessment framework.

  • 17 Mar 2010

New inspection framework promoting improvement for schools and children

Ofsted today releases the official data showing inspection outcomes for the first four months of the new inspection framework. The findings reflect Ofsted’s sharper focus on weaker schools and confirm that by emphasising the overall achievement of all pupils, in particular their progress as well as the quality of classroom teaching and learning, Ofsted is providing the additional challenge to schools that the new inspections were intended to provide.

  • 10 Mar 2010

The best childcare now gives children a brighter future

High-quality childcare is important for all children, but it can make all the difference for children in need.

The best childcare makes an important contribution to the lives of children in need by identifying their specific requirements early on and helping them to get the right support.

  • 08 Mar 2010

Children tell us having rights means having responsibilities

Protection from abuse, a right to an education and to be helped to keep alive and well are just some of the most important rights that children want all young people to have, according to the latest report by Children’s Rights Director for England, Roger Morgan Children on rights and responsibilities.

  • 04 Mar 2010

World Maths Day 2010

Today is World Maths Day, an event which sees pupils from UK schools compete with students from around the world in a 48 hour live maths competition. The contest involves mental arithmetic tests - the more tests pupils take (up to a maximum of 500 over the 48 hour period of the contest,) the more marks they get. The highest-scoring pupils in each age group will receive gold medals, and a World Maths Day trophy is awarded to the most successful class.

  • 03 Mar 2010

Ofsted hosts event in Birmingham to recognise outstanding provision in schools

Birmingham was the latest city to play host to a celebratory Ofsted event recognising outstanding provision in schools.

  • 02 Mar 2010

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