How to complain

1. Complaints about the service providers we inspect or regulate

We have some powers to investigate your concerns about services we inspect or regulate, but would usually suggest that you start by discussing your worries directly with the person in charge, for example the headteacher or service manager.

For concerns that a childcare or social care provider regulated by us, such as a residential home or fostering / adoption agency does not meet qualifying standards, you should contact us. For complaints about childcare providers you can also read an online leaflet.

For concerns about your child’s school, you can find more information about when and how to complain, the type of complaints we are able to consider and the action you can expect us to take in response in our guidance for parents, or you can contact us.

If having read the above guidance you would like to make a complaint, or you are advised to do so by our helpline advisers, you can complete and submit the simple on-line complaints about schools form.


2. Complaints about Ofsted

Occasionally there will be dissatisfaction with our work, and when this happens, we want to hear about it; we use complaints to improve our practice. This leaflet explains how:

Complaints procedure: Raising concerns and making complaints about Ofsted

If you have made a complaint about Ofsted but are still not happy at the end of the process, you may refer your complaint to the Ofsted Adjudication Service who will conduct a review. The adjudicator is independent from Ofsted. Find out more by following the link below.

Ofsted Adjudication Service's website

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