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Award/Grant Name: Genealogy and Genetics: Cultural Geographies of Relatedness
Award/Grant Holder: Professor Catherine Nash
Start Date: 01/01/2004 End Date: 31/12/2006
Award/Grant Description

This Research Programme focuses on popular genealogy, recent work in population genetics and the use of genetics in popular genealogy. It considers the ways in which ideas of biological inheritance and geographical origins are described, understood and affected by personal research in family history and scientific research on the history and geography of human evolution and prehistoric migration.

Ideas of identity, ethnicity and relatedness are often based on lay understandings of the ways in which individuals' character, appearance, abilities and relationships to others are shaped by ancestry and heredity as well as environment and experience. This research explores these popular meanings given to cultural and biological inheritance, their particular meaning in genealogy and the impact of genetic research on these understandings. It considers the implications of these ideas of embodiment, biology, origins and descent in relation to debates about national and cultural identity in Britain, Northern Ireland and the United States.

The Research Programme aims to survey the nature of popular genealogy and population genetics in Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland; consider the ways in which ideas of biological inheritance and geographical origins feature in the two practices and are being affected by the use of genetics in genealogy, and address the social, political and cultural implications of emerging understanding of identity, person and human relationships for issues of national identity, ethnicity and belonging. The research will be conducted through qualitative research methodologies (interviews, on-line discussion groups, documentary research, analysis of media representations).

Keywords: identity relatedness origins genealogy
Award/Grant Amount ESRC Grant Number Institution Discipline Award/Grant Type
£160,144.97 RES-000-27-0045 Queen Mary, University of London Human Geography Research Fellowship
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Award/Grant Outputs and Documents

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  Title Type URL Author Published
Of Irish descent : origin stories, genealogy, and the politics of belonging Book Nash, Catherine 24/07/2008 12:55
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Full research report Full Research Report Nash, Catherine 11/05/2007 9:42
Non-technical summary Research Summary Nash, Catherine 11/05/2007 9:41
Genetic kinship Article Nash, Catherine 23/03/2007 16:44
Mapping origins : race and related in population genetics and genetic genelogy Book Chapter Nash, Catherine 22/03/2007 15:39
Genetic tests for genealogy : 10 reasons to be wary Article Nash, Catherine 28/02/2007 13:37
Recreational genetics, race and relatedness Article Nash, Catherine 28/02/2007 13:35
Geographies of relatedness Article Nash, Catherine 28/02/2007 13:31
Irish origins, Celtic origins : population genetics, cultural politics Article Nash, Catherine 28/02/2007 13:27