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Environment Minister Dan Norris announces £1m funding for the third sector to inspire sustainable living as part of the government’s legacy action plan for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

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Ref: 82/10
Date: 29 March 2010

A £1 million fund available to third sector organisations that help the UK live more sustainably was announced today by Environment Minister Dan Norris. The Inspiring Sustainable Living fund is part of Defra’s responsibility to deliver the Government’s commitment to use the power of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to inspire sustainable living.

Third Sector organisations who can apply for this funding will deliver one or more of the following; energy efficiency and usage in the home, waste and recycling, water efficiency and usage in the home, promoting more active travel via walking and cycling, greener spaces and sustainable consumption. The funding will be made available to groups who can demonstrate they have the ability to deliver initiatives creating behavioural change, and that they have the reach to do this at a grassroots and community level.

Environment Minister, Dan Norris said:

“The London 2012 Games will no doubt inspire many people to think not only about their health but also the environment they live in. This funding announced today is being made available to those third sector groups who have the ability to change our lifestyles for a more sustainable future. Government alone is not able to deliver change and embed greener living behaviours, so by working with the third sector and using their networks it enables greater reach and the potential for longer lasting pro-environmental behaviour change.”

The Inspiring Sustainable Living fund was announced as one of the Defra actions in Shaping our Future, the recently published report from the joint ministerial and third sector Task Force on climate change, the environment and sustainable development. The funding will be available for projects operational anywhere in the UK in the run up to, during, and after, the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

Third sector organisations looking to apply for the funding will need to robustly demonstrate that they understand the motivation of their audience, how they can measure and evaluate progress and most importantly, how the inspirational benefits of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will help their project.

Notes to Editors

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It is the Government’s ambition that the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be genuinely sustainable, with the Olympic Park a blueprint for sustainable living. It presents many opportunities to try new technologies, low carbon materials and innovative solutions. Energy efficiency and water efficiency have been central to the design of the Olympic Park in East London. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions from the built environment in the Olympic Park by 50% by 2013. The second strand of the Government’s sustainability plan is to inspire sustainable living, whereby individuals are encouraged to live more sustainably as a result of the 2012 Games.


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