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Surrogacy: Review for health ministers of current arrangements for payments and regulation - Report of the review team

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    Brazier, Margaret; Campbell, Alastair; Golombok, Susan
  • Published date:
    1 October 1998
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    Cm 4068
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In 1997 a review team was set up to look into the controversial issue of surrogacy. The terms of reference covered three specific aspects. Firstly, should surrogate mothers be allowed to receive payment; secondly, should an agency be established to regulate surrogacy arrangements; and thirdly, do the findings on these issues suggest that existing legislation needs to be changed. This publication is the report of the surrogacy review team. It reviews the history of surrogacy in the UK since the publication of the Warnock report in 1984, and explores the psychological, social, ethical and legal issues surrounding surrogate motherhood. The report concludes that payments to surrogate mothers should be strictly limited to expenses, that surrogacy arrangements should be regulated by non-profit agencies, and that a new Surrogacy Act should be drawn up to replace existing legislation.

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