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Tips on taking part in consultations

Many people and organisations take part in central government consultations. The following tips may help you to put together a well conceived response that stands out.

Be brief

Use one short sentence to explain each point you want to make. This will help the reader understand your opinion. You can always add more detail afterwards if necessary.

Focus on what is really important to you

Put the issues you care most about first, so the reader can see your biggest concerns. If you want to make more detailed comments, put them in an appendix to your response or in a separate document.

Provide evidence

Your arguments will be more convincing if they're supported by evidence or information. If you're responding by post or email, send in copies of supporting documents rather than information about where to find them.

Send your response as soon as possible

The earlier you send in your views, the longer the department has to consider them. This is particularly important if you are providing new information or evidence.

Reply to the questions

If the consultation asks for your views on particular questions, clearly state which questions you're answering before setting out your views.

Say who you are

Say whether you're commenting as a private citizen, representing other citizens, or on behalf of an organisation.

Say if you want your response kept confidential

The consulting department may publish your views as part of the results of the consultation. If you do not want them to do this, state clearly in your response.

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