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   Persistent Young Offenders

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1. Introduction


2. What Do We Know About Persistent Young Offenders

Fact & Figures

The Governments Young Offender Pledge: Arrest to Sentencing Data
Sanctions: Cautions and Convictions
Prevalence of Offending
Gender and different types of offending
The concentration of offending
Area differences in offending 

Risk Factors - Offenders
Mental health as a risk factor
Young people in care as a risk factor
Multiple Risk Factors

Risk Factors - Victims
Young people as victims of crime 
Young people as victims of violent crime 
Young people as victims of property crime 
Financial Costs

National Strategy
Related Government initiatives


3. Developing Local Solutions for Local Problems

Assessing the Local Situation
Outline Approach 
Identifying Problems
Data and information sources 
Analysing causes

Drawing Up A Local Strategy
Developing Potential Solutions
Agreeing Priorities
Generating Ideas
Appraising Options
Developing up a balanced programme

4. Tackling persistent young offenders

Evaluated options 
Who can help and local solutions

5. Making It Happen

Planning for action
Setting local targets 
Issues of Implementation
Tracking Progress & Achievement

6. Resources

7. Innovation

8. Practical Tools

9. Contact Points

10. Information

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