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1. Introduction

About this toolkit
Understanding rural crime

2. What Do We Know About rural crime

Fact & Figures
Recorded Crime Figures
British Crime Survey
Concerns about crime in 2000
Perceptions of change
Perceptions of likliehood
Worry about crime
Feelings of safety
Perceptions of disorder
Attitudes towards the police 
 Drug misuse in rural areas
Arson in rural areas
Racial crime in rural areas

Risk Profile
Risk of criminal victimisation
Travelling criminals

National Strategy
Rural White Paper
Wildlife crime
Best Value
Related Government initiatives


3. Developing Local Solutions for Local Problems

Assessing the Local Situation
Outline Approach 
Use of information systems
Identifying Problems 
Analysing causes

Drawing Up A Local Strategy
Developing Potential Solutions
Agreeing Priorities
Generating Ideas
Appraising Options
Developing up a balanced programme

4. Tackling rural crime

Evaluated options 
Who can help and local solutions

5. Making It Happen

Planning for action
Setting local targets 
Issues of Implementation
Tracking Progress & Achievement

6. Resources

7. Innovation

8. Practical Tools

9. Contact Points

10. Information

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