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Business and Retail Crime

Crime - Let's bring it down
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Toolkit Index

1. Introduction

2. What do we know about business crime?

Business sectors

Size of businesses


Facts & figures
Data sources



Cost to business and retail

Risk profile
Repeat victimisation

Business sectors

Risk factors

Violence at work

Offender profile
Shop theft

Commercial burglary

Drug misuse

Market reduction

National Strategy

Retail Crime Reduction Action Team

Property Crime Reduction Action Team

Foresight Panel

Neighbourhood Renewal

Urban White Paper

Violence at Work

Alcohol-related disorder

Beacon Councils

Business Improvement Districts



3. Developing local solutions for local problems

Assessing the local situation
Outline approach

Identifying the problem
Sources of information

Drawing up a local strategy
Developing potential solutions

Agreeing priorities
Generating ideas
Appraising options
Developing a balanced programme

4. Tackling business crime

Who can help and local solutions?
Evaluated options

5. Making it happen

Planning for action
Setting local targets

Issues of implementation

Tracking progress and achievement

6. Resources

7. Innovation

8. Practical Tools

9. Contact Points

10. Useful Information



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