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Housing renewal - funding for repairs and adaptations

Local councils are able to provide discretionary assistance for housing renewal for householders. This may take the form of low cost loans and equity release, as well as grants to private homeowners and others to help them to renovate, repair or adapt their home.

Home improvement grants for private householders

Local authorities have a great deal of flexibility and freedom in providing discretionary assistance for repairs and adaptations. It is also for the local authority to decide the circumstances in which to give discretionary assistance, what form that assistance may take (eg, grants, loans, equity release schemes etc) and what, if any, conditions to attach.

The local authority will be able to tell you what policies they have in place to address private sector renewal in your area.

Other housing assistance

A council is also able to provide other sorts of assistance; for example helping someone move to more suitable living accommodation if it is satisfied that this would provide a similar benefit to improving or adapting the existing accommodation.

Local councils may also give discretionary assistance in addition to the mandatory disabled facilities grant.

Any assistance given must be in accordance with the council's published policy on housing renewal.

For further information, contact the Environmental Health or Housing Department of your local council.

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