Thursday 1 February 2007

PM hosts Global Cool reception

1 February 2007

Tony Blair with KT Tunstall and Josh Hartnett at the Global Cool reception. 1 February 2007 Tony Blair has given his backing to a new campaign aimed at saving the planet from environmental catastrophe.

The Global Cool campaigners who came to Number 10 want to get one billion people to each reduce their carbon emissions by one tonne a year.

Among those at the reception to launch the 10-year campaign were Stephen Fry, KT Tunstall, Josh Hartnett, Brian May and Anita Dobson.

Also in attendance was rock star Perry Farrell, who presented the PM with a CD of his new band Satellite Party’s track, Woman in the Window.

You can hear clips from the song, as well as interviews with the some of the key Global Cool organisers, in our podcast - hosted exclusively for us by Capital Radio DJ Lucio.

The PM said it was important for individuals to take responsibility for their actions.

"This is just a wonderful initiative that I hope will inspire people the world over.

"The whole purpose of Global Cool is to mobilise that passion people have for doing the responsible thing for the environment with a sense that you can actually make an impact. You don’t have to wait for others to act."

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