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The Prevent Strategy

A Guide for Local Partners in England

On 3rd June 2008 HM Government published The Prevent Strategy: A Guide for Local Partners in England. The document is cross governmental and aimed at local partners and practitioners tasked with stopping people becoming or supporting terrorists and violent extremists.

Title: The Prevent Strategy: A guide for local partners in England
Author: HM Government
Number of pages: 76 (overview = 12 pages)
Date published: June 2008
Availability: Download full report PDF file PDF 2Mb LARGE FILE! Download overview PDF file PDF 671Kb

Document front cover

Key messages from the guidance include:

  • A local partnership group should be clearly tasked to take forward local action on Prevent with the right level and spread of representation to take effective decisions. This may be the CDRP but it is essential to review membership to ensure that all relevant partners are included.
  • Local authorities and the police should take the lead and ensure that other partners from the statutory and voluntary sector are involved.
  • Local partners are expected to put in place a robust action plan that effectively addresses and evaluates the seven objectives of the strategy.
  • A proportionate response is essential. All areas should be thinking about the Prevent Strategy but the level of response should be carefully considered against the individual local challenge.

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Getting a copy

Download  The Prevent Strategy: A guide for local partners in England PDF file PDF 2Mb

Download overview PDF file PDF 671Kb

Last update: Monday, August 11, 2008