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Contact with other carers

Carers can become isolated so it's important to have contact with the outside world and time for yourself. There are groups and events you can go to or you could join an internet discussion forum or weekly telephone chat.

Your local council

Your local council may list local carers groups. Look in the phone book to contact the council or visit their website.

You can find your local council website by following the link below.

Internet forums and message boards

There are several internet discussion boards and forums for carers. Some are for carers of people with specific conditions, such as Mencap's 'Share' forum for the families of someone with a learning difficulty. Others are a place for carers generally to share their thoughts and tips with each other.

Use a search engine to find more forums, or your local carers' groups may be able to recommend some websites. 

'Making Contact' service

The charity Contact a Family provides the 'Making Contact' service. It offers the facility to find and get in touch with others who are affected by the same or similar disabilities or medical conditions as you are.

Being able to contact someone who knows what you are going through can be a big help.

The website lists a large number of medical conditions and disabilities and has many people signed up and looking for contact, so it could help you find the people you are looking for.

Ring around carers

The BBC and Community Network run a service for carers to have a chat once a week on the telephone. No special equipment is needed - just a phone.

Sometimes leaving the house for an hour to go to a carers group or social event just isn't possible. Ring around carers chat on the phone for less than an hour once a week with other carers. It's easy and it's free.

This service is not available in all areas, so contact your local BBC radio station to see if they take part.

Organisations and charities for carers

There are many organisations and charities that offer services to carers. You can find contact details for some of them in the 'directories' area of Directgov.

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