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The National
CCTV Strategy

Welcome to the Home Office's National CCTV Strategy website for stakeholders

New: The Policing Minister, David Hanson, has announced the appointment of the National CCTV Oversight Body and interim CCTV Regulator: National CCTV oversight body PDF file 148Kb. 

About This Site

Closed circuit television (CCTV) enjoys considerable public support. We regularly see evidence of its use in making our streets safer, reducing the fear of crime and detecting serious offences.

The Home Office is committed to improving the use and effectiveness of public facing CCTV.

This website presents the aims and objectives of the National CCTV Strategy, providing the latest information on the implementation of recommendations by the National CCTV Strategy Board and definitive independent advice, support and best practice on installing and operating CCTV systems.

It also provides you with the latest news and views that will enable you to find out more and have your say in how recommendations are implemented.

What is the National CCTV Strategy?

The National CCTV Strategy presents the results of a wide-ranging review of CCTV in England and Wales and makes a series of recommendations.

Initially undertaken by a joint Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)/Home Office project team, the Strategy is now supported by a multi agency programme board with representation from a number of stakeholders.

The Strategy supports and develops recommendations that will deliver:

1. effective, well managed CCTV, taking into account the role of the CCTV industry and the views of the public

2. best practice for partnerships between local authorities, CCTV operators, police officers and the emergency services - offering better protection to the public both as a deterrent and in the investigation of crime

3. better standards in CCTV operation and in the presentation of imagery

The National strategy PDF file PDF 374Kb

Have Your Say

The National CCTV Strategy Programme Board, represented by all key stakeholders, is in place to ensure that there is full cooperation, agreement and engagement on the strategy's implementation. We welcome your views and will do our best to address your queries.

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